Teaching Our Children That Torture Is Cool!


I just had an experience that has left me shocked and absolutely appalled!

I was asked by my daughter to be a chaperone for her prom. As a mother, I was honored! You parents know that to have your teenage child view you as “worthy” to be anywhere near them in a social setting, it’s a delicate, but precious compliment to take advantage of. She has been looking forward to it for so long, and we wanted to make it very special. So we decided to get a limo, get all her friends, and pile in. The plan was to hit HopdoddyHopdoddy, (if you’ve ever been to Austin, TX, it’s the best place to go for burgers, though touristy…), then Lick (an amazing ice cream place), then the prom. We called a friend who owns a limo service in Austin, a good friend, and he agreed to do the hummer for 25% of the price, 75% off! EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!

We picked up the girls, went to Hopdoddy, and all was normal, then one of my girl’s friends, made a joke, and said, “Bitch better have my money.” While I sat there shocked by the language of this otherwise beautiful young woman, everyone else burst into laughter. It was one of those moments when you know you were the odd man out on an inside joke you knew nothing about. I leaned over and asked my baby why everyone laughed, and she said, “I’ll tell you later.” (more…)

Hunger Games

As a parent and grandparent I am finding that there is more of a need to monitor what our young people read and view than ever before.

We all know that we can’t leave the task to Hollywood. They are only interested in how much money a particular book or movie will make. They can’t be bothered with the moral value of a particular medium.

So when I watched the first two of the “Hunger Games” movies, I paid special attention. Upon researching the movie I found that it was originally a trilogy of books written by Suzanne Collins. And theses series of books were voted Favorite Young Adult Books even beating Harry Potter in 2012. At last count, there were over 65 million copies of this trilogy in print. But, for convenience sake I’ll just speak of the movie… (more…)

Pay Attention

If you want to know what your teenager is thinking, pay attention to what they’re watching. It’s difficult to quantify just how influential movies and television have been in the lives of our children and young adults. By the time they reach their teen years, they have pretty much decided what it is that they wish to become. This could be said about their career choices or even their sense of right and wrong.

A major contributor to that original thought process began the first time we sat them down in front of a screen and turned on cartoons. Over the years as they grew, so did the kind of content that they enjoyed. By the time they were sitting in front of the big screen at the local movie theater, they were well on their way as far as their wants, desires and values are concerned. (more…)

The Facts Are In!

Your Teenagers Love Science Fiction. Recent statistics have shown that more and more teenagers have become absolutely infatuated with anything that has to do with science fiction. Book sales and movie tickets receipts have proven that they have a voracious appetite for fantasy and science fiction.YTLSF-Twilight

The movie and television industry have responded in kind. The reason why there are more teenagers watching the sci-fi television shows and paying the high price for a science-fiction movie ticket, is because the entertainment industry has given them exactly what they wanted.YTLSF-The-Maze-Runner

The latest trends show that teenagers are now being cast in the lead roles. The books and the movies are about futuristic teenagers. Teenage love stories have been carefully woven into the fabric of most of the science-fiction venue. For that reason, we as parents and grandparents need to become aware of what our teenagers are being fed. (more…)