The Facts Are In!

Your Teenagers Love Science Fiction. Recent statistics have shown that more and more teenagers have become absolutely infatuated with anything that has to do with science fiction. Book sales and movie tickets receipts have proven that they have a voracious appetite for fantasy and science fiction.YTLSF-Twilight

The movie and television industry have responded in kind. The reason why there are more teenagers watching the sci-fi television shows and paying the high price for a science-fiction movie ticket, is because the entertainment industry has given them exactly what they wanted.YTLSF-The-Maze-Runner

The latest trends show that teenagers are now being cast in the lead roles. The books and the movies are about futuristic teenagers. Teenage love stories have been carefully woven into the fabric of most of the science-fiction venue. For that reason, we as parents and grandparents need to become aware of what our teenagers are being fed.

There is certainly nothing wrong with science fiction. In fact stimulating a young person’s imagination can benefit them in many ways. For that reason we approve of a responsible approach to sci-fi and fantasy.

YTLSF-The-Hunger-GamesOn the other side of the coin, history has shown that stories and plot lines advocating the healthiest lifestyles, do not regularly come out of Hollywood. Therefore parents cannot go wrong by becoming familiar with what our young adults are being served. It could be dangerous to allow our young ones a free hand in choosing what it is they wish to view. Even the movie industry rates films. Should we as parents and grandparents be any less vigilant?YTLSF-Ender's-Game

We do not pretend to be experts in journalism. We are not movie producers, directors or even critics. However, we are parents. We’ve lived long enough to know what is suitable subject matter and what is not.

YTLSF-DivergentIf you would like the opinion of a movie critic, ask a movie critic. Likewise, if you want the opinion of a book critic, there are hundreds to choose from. However, if you like the opinion of parents and grandparents just like yourself, follow our blog. Encourage others to do so, and by all means contribute if you feel compelled. Since none of us are experts, all of us are qualified to comment on this site.


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