Pay Attention

If you want to know what your teenager is thinking, pay attention to what they’re watching. It’s difficult to quantify just how influential movies and television have been in the lives of our children and young adults. By the time they reach their teen years, they have pretty much decided what it is that they wish to become. This could be said about their career choices or even their sense of right and wrong.

A major contributor to that original thought process began the first time we sat them down in front of a screen and turned on cartoons. Over the years as they grew, so did the kind of content that they enjoyed. By the time they were sitting in front of the big screen at the local movie theater, they were well on their way as far as their wants, desires and values are concerned.

If we had been careful in considering their viewing habits up to that point, we may have helped them to have set a solid foundation on which to build their future endeavors.

What occurs from this point on, could certainly have a bearing on the kind of adults that they will become.
These are the years during which they form their first lasting relationships outside of the family unit. Some of the friends that they make now, very well could remain so throughout the rest of their lives. It’s now that they are exposed to real possibilities as far as career choices and vocations. It is during these years that they could possibly be introduced to the person, who would become their mate.

The entire world is lying at their feet and one the most powerful influences on their lives has now been entrusted to Hollywood!

What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s a sobering thought, to say the least, isnt’ it?


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