Teaching Our Children That Torture Is Cool!


I just had an experience that has left me shocked and absolutely appalled!

I was asked by my daughter to be a chaperone for her prom. As a mother, I was honored! You parents know that to have your teenage child view you as “worthy” to be anywhere near them in a social setting, it’s a delicate, but precious compliment to take advantage of. She has been looking forward to it for so long, and we wanted to make it very special. So we decided to get a limo, get all her friends, and pile in. The plan was to hit HopdoddyHopdoddy, (if you’ve ever been to Austin, TX, it’s the best place to go for burgers, though touristy…), then Lick (an amazing ice cream place), then the prom. We called a friend who owns a limo service in Austin, a good friend, and he agreed to do the hummer for 25% of the price, 75% off! EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!

We picked up the girls, went to Hopdoddy, and all was normal, then one of my girl’s friends, made a joke, and said, “Bitch better have my money.” While I sat there shocked by the language of this otherwise beautiful young woman, everyone else burst into laughter. It was one of those moments when you know you were the odd man out on an inside joke you knew nothing about. I leaned over and asked my baby why everyone laughed, and she said, “I’ll tell you later.”

Then the limo took us to LickLick, but on the way, she actually said it again, this time kinda singing it. Again, the girls cracked up. There was already a long line when we arrived at Lick, so as we all kinda paired off, I had an opportunity to ask my daughter about that comment. Her response, “It’s just a song mom.”

“And you like that song? Don’t you think it’s a bit rude and misogynistic?”

“It’s not misogynistic mom, Rihanna sings it, and she’s a girl.”

Clearly she doesn’t fully understand that misogyny doesn’t have to only come from men. Women can yield to such perceived social demands, and objectify themselves. But that rant it another subject altogether. Back to the story…

So I asked for the name of the song, and did research…

PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THAT SONG! I’m sorry I did, and I can’t believe it. In a word, torture. And I mean literally. I’m talking about known torture methods that are highly sexually, morally and mentally disturbing.rihanna blood

I don’t think I have the stomach to go into detail as to what I saw. But the next phase of grief that hit me was the fact that our children are becoming accustomed to this type of shocking material. And when you get a superstar like Rihanna portraying these things as cool, or god forbid, an act of misguided feminism, we have a serious problem on our hands. An entire generation with a fascination toward these disturbing things.

Parents, please pay attention to what you children are listening to and WATCHING!

Ask them questions, get them involved in critical thinking. Ask them to imagine that the portrayed victims on the videos are people they love. We have to help save our kids.


I’d love to hear input from you other parents!


Cynthia from Austin, TX

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